With extensive experience, M-Fire can provide high level Service and installation of all Non-proprietary fire detection products including but not limited to Tyco, Notifier, Incite and Ampac brands.

  •  Installation and Programming of Tyco products: M-Fire has vast experience installing and programming Tyco products including MX4428, MX1, F4000, F3200, QE90, IP Networking, XL Graphics, IO-Net and CCU-Net.
  • High Level Programming of Non-proprietary systems: We have experience in installing and programming large and small non-proprietary fire system using various brands including Notifier/Honeywell, Ampac, Incite and Pertronic.
  • Large and Complex Fan Control and Gas Control Systems. M-Fire personnel has extensive experience installing and programming Fire Fan Control Systems and Gas Control Systems on type and size systems.

M-Fire has vast experience designing and installing Networked Systems Linking fire panels over various medias including copper, optic fibre, Data Networks and Radio Link. This allows for high level data to be accessed in most locations using the most cost effective medias to achieve the connection. This versatility in medias allows for retrofit or upgraded systems to achieve high level interfacing in most instances.

M-Fire has experience installing and Programming fully redundant AP Sensing Optic Fibre LHD Systems.

M-Fire Staff have years of experience within the service industry fault finding and conducting repairs on the majority of system types both old and new. M-Fire utilises our knowledge base between technicians to ensure faults are identified and rectified promptly.

M-Fire Personnel have vast experience in upgrading and retrofitting old systems for new and ensure that processes and systems are in place to reduce downtime to the bare minimum.

M-Fire can provide project management and design services specialising in dry fire. We have over 15 years experience in the design and project management of dry fire services including integration with Mechanical fire services, Air Handling Services and other Interfaces.