Addressable Fire Detection Systems

Addressable Fire Detection Systems generally comprise of detection and equipment loops running throughout a building where each device(Point) is addressed and communicates directly with the Fire Indicator Panel. This provides exact locations of fire events which can be vital in reducing the time taken to respond to any situation. Each Point can be a type of detector or a control and indication output and are fully configurable to suit any requirement. With the many advancements in the technology of Addressable Detection Systems and the increased variety of the types of system available, the equipment and costs have significantly reduced, and along with the reduced installation costs by running loops in lieu of running individual zone feeds, addressable systems have now become the most cost effective solution for the majority of installations.

M-Fire can provide quotations for new systems, direct replacements of existing systems and also upgrades of existing conventional systems to Addressable Systems to suit your needs.

Addressable Fire Detection Systems -